2019 Spring Open House – May 26th

: HAWKE Wildlife presents their 2019 Spring Open House will be held on Sunday MAY 26th from 1:00 – and ends 4:00 p.m. at the Elkton, FL wildlife sanctuary. The event is open to individuals for only $25 donation or families $35 donation with all tax-deductible proceeds going directly to wildlife care. HAWKE also welcomes people who are already members, donors, volunteers, invited guests, interested media representatives, and those who have provided, publicity, supplies or other much-needed support and services to attend. Email for directions to the sanctuary.

Enjoy personal tours of the ICU, feed and hospital rooms and outdoor facilities, plus meet educational wildlife ambassadors: Their new Kestrel, Barred, Great Horned and Screech Owls, Mohawk the Red Shouldered Hawk, playful river otters, turtles and other wildlife. There is also Edgar A. Poe, the albino talking crow and his friend, the beautiful Swallow Tail Kite. We will be releasing a hawk they rehabilitated at 2:30 great experience.

For the wellbeing and protection of wildlife undergoing rehabilitation, they will not be shown. This is a twice a year opportunity to see where all donations to HAWKE go and how they are used every day of the year 24/7 for wildlife rehabilitation. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions and learn environmental, conservation and wildlife facts from the founder, a state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator who has devoted her life to saving native wildlife and educating the public about wildlife issues.

HAWKE-Humane Association of Wildlife Care & Education is a Federal and Florida 501 (3) non-profit whose missions is rehabilitation and giving wildlife a second chance. HAWKE has been assisting the public and law enforcement with wildlife emergencies and saving wildlife free of charge since 1987. HAWKE depends mainly on donations, fundraisers and volunteers to continue to help birds, mammals and reptiles there is no federal or state funding, HAWKE educates the public about wildlife, conservation and the environment promoting the respect, appreciation, protection & preservation of our natural environment and the wildlife that depends on it to survive.

Support HAWKE’s work to save wildlife by making a donation or becoming a member through our website, www.hawkewildlife.org or by mailing a check to HAWKE, Inc., P.O. Box 188. Elkton, FL 32033. Single membership is $25.00 and a family membership is $35.00, which includes special events and bi-annual newsletter. All donations are fully tax-deductible. Call (904) 692-1777 or email Cain-Stage at helphawke@windstream.net for more information or any questions.

No pets or school groups. No Photos Allowed except for at Bird release at 2:30pm

Melanie Cain-Stage (HAWKE Founder/President. Florida State & Federally Licensed. Wildlife Rehabilitator since 1979)
PO BOX 188
Elkton Fl 32033
(904) 692-1777

Email: helphawke@windstream.net
Website: www.hawkewildlife.org
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/hawkewildlife