About Hawke

Compassionate care for our wildlife.

HAWKE is a 501 (3) not for profit organization licensed by the State of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Federal US Fish and Wildlife Service to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild birds, mammals, and reptiles including endangered species. They also have special permits to possess permanent wildlife for educational programs. These birds and animals can not be released back to the wild.

Melanie Cain-Stage and her ”traveling talons” program with hawks, owls and falcons (plus flying squirrel and turtles) have been presenting programs since 1980. She goes to local schools and or organizations and teaches people about the habits and information about Florida wildlife and how they can help preserve the environment.

HAWKE is a volunteer organization and can not pick up animals that are outside their general district. If you just want information on wildlife, such as habits, bird feeders, places to go birding etc, go to google search and type in the animal or bird you want information on.

You should know…

If an armadillo is digging in your garden or a raccoon getting into your trash, HAWKE is not permitted to trap and relocate wildlife that are considered a nuisance (you must call a local state licensed live trapper).

HAWKE is a native wildlife non profit and although we love all animals we do not have funds or facilities for farm animals or domestic pets such as muscovy ducks, chickens, peacocks, dogs, cats, ferrets, emus pot bellied pigs, or other exotics call your local humane society for these animals.

HAWKE can not save a rabid animal( there is no cure for rabies) so if a wild animal is acting abnormal or unusually aggressive, call your local state Fish and Wildlife Commission or animal control or police ( not 911 please) department.

HAWKE does give advice on river otters to people across the country if they are a legally caring for one and need information please e mail this site. As one of the few rehabilitators with facilities and experienced with otters, she can sometimes take otters and bobcats from out of the immediate area if transportation can be arranged.