HAWKE is a volunteer organization and can not pick up animals that are outside their general district. If you just want information on wildlife, such as habits, bird feeders, BIRD ID,  places to go birding etc, go to our Goodsearch and type in the animal or bird you want information on or call audubon society or local bird Wild Birds Unlimited store.

If an armadillo is digging in your garden or a raccoon getting into your trash, HAWKE is not permitted to trap and relocate wildlife that are considered a nuisance (you must call a local state licensed live trapper). Just remember they are required by law to destroy the animal when trapped so check out our good search and put how to remove armadillos and sites will come up with info. or use this site

HAWKE is a native wildlife non profit and although we love all animals we do not have funds or facilities for farm animals or domestic pets such as Muscovy ducks, chickens, peacocks, dogs, cats, ferrets, emus pot bellied pigs, or other exotics call your local humane society for these animals. If you live in st Johns CO go to this site for numbers or check your local phone book

HAWKE can not save a rabid animal (there is no cure for rabies) so if a wild animal is acting abnormal or unusually aggressive, call your  control or police (not 911 please) department. We are not allowed to have controlled drugs to knock animals out and have no way to capture an injured deer or raccoon and rabies is something no one can cure.

HAWKE does give advice on river otters to people across the country if they are a legally caring for one and need information please e mail this site. Or if you have an otter eating fish in your pond ect… please don’t call a trapper they have to kill the animal and the otter may have a den near by with babies so contact Melanie for advice. As one of the few rehabilitators with facilities and experienced with otters, she can sometimes take otters and bobcats from out of the immediate area if transportation can be arranged.


DO print out and keep this page so you will have our phone number and information to help wildlife.

DO help wildlife by picking up trash such as plastic bags, six-pack holders and fishing line. Millions of birds and mammals such as dolphins, sea turtles, manatees and other creatures swallow bags or get caught in the line or six-pack holders and can drown or starve to death.

DO read about wildlife and become familiar with the birds, mammals and plants around you. We have bald eagles, wood storks and other endangered species here in Florida. Learn to look and appreciate your environment.

DO recycle your newspapers, cans, glass, and plastic and try to cut down on waste for our landfills.

DO NOT pick up an injured bird or mammal. They can hurt you with their beak, teeth or claws. An adult can use gloves or a net to get the wildlife safely in a box. Call HAWKE!

DO NOT attempt to feed or handle the bird or mammal.

DO NOT keep wild birds or mammals as pets. It is illegal for people without federal and state permits to possess wildlife.

DO NOT disturb baby birds or mammals unless they are hurt or in danger. Baby birds can be returned to the nest or a new nest can be made from a basket or container and put in the nearest tree. The parents should return within an hour and will accept their young even though you touched them. Birds cannot smell. Orphaned baby birds need special diets. Keep them warm and call HAWKE right away. Baby mammals can BITE and carry rabies so do not touch! Call HAWKE for advice.

DO NOT shoot or harm birds. All birds with the exception of the English sparrow, pigeon, starling, and parrot, are protected by federal and state laws. There is a hunting season on certain game birds such as doves, but you must have a hunting license and follow hunting regulations. Call the Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission toll free at 1-800-342-9620 to report wildlife violations or for more information.

Where You Can Get Help

If you live in St. Johns, Clay or Flagler Counties of Florida,and you need assistance with an injured animal,please call H.A.W.K.E. at (904) 692-177 7;or, call th e St. Johns Veterinary Clinic at (904) 824-8123.

If you DO NOT live in these counties, and DO live in Florida, please call the Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission at 1 (800) 342-9620. They will direct you to the nearest Rehabilitation Center or wildlife veterinarian.

If you DO NOT live in Florida, call your local sheriff or police (do not use a 911 number), and ask them for the name of a local wildlife care center. H.A.W.K.E. can not answer questions concerning animals outside its immediate area. Our staff and telephone lines are limited because H.A.W.K.E. is a Volunteer organization which is offered as an act of Love for our Animal Friends. Please, be considerate.

For More Information Contact:
Melanie Cain-Stage
P.O. Box 188
Elkton, FL. 32033
(904) 692-1777