Frequently Asked Questions

Adopt a Critter Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a HAWKE Membership included when I adopt an animal?

A: If you spend more than $100, yes. Otherwise our Adopt-A-Critter program is a separate donation, which is still very much appreciated!

Q: What kind of critters are cared for by HAWKE’s Adopt-A-Critter program?

A: Our adopt a critters are wildlife that have a permanent disabilty such as : being imprinted on people, blind in one eye, wing or leg problems, etc. These creatures would die a slow cruel death if released because they would not be able to survive on their own.   HAWKE has special “possession permits” with the Federal Department of the Fish and Wildlife  to keep these creatures in captivity. HAWKE has to have specific cages and experience with each species to receive a permit.    The birds of prey are part of  our traveling talons education programs .Melanie Stage president has these birds well trained and they are also on display at fall and spring HAWKE open house. See our education section to learn more about programs.

Q: How do you prevent imprinting with the rescued animals?

A: The raptors also act as foster parents to any baby of the same species. Such as the baby screech owls are put in with Twiggy so they relate to owls rather than becoming tame and imprinting on humans.  The mammals such as our un -releaseable   river otters help teach the baby otters how to swim, catch fish and live in a family group so they can be successfully released in a remote suitable location at  the age of 9 to 10 months.

Q: Do I receive an actual critter when I donate money to the adoption program?

A: When you adopt a critter you do not get  the live critter, but your donation helps pay for the food and care of the wildlife you adopt.   It costs over $25 a day to feed and care for an otter, and about $15 to feed a great horned owl . Donations  be paying for just a part of it’s food bill. You will receive a beautiful personalized adoption certificate with a gold embossed HAWKE seal . This can be a gift and your your name as well as the person receiving the gift will be on the certificate. You also get a certificate with color  photos of the adopt a critter  and a history  of how the bird became part of HAWKE. Included in your packet is an informative sheet on the habits of the species, diets etc of your adopt a critter.  . These can be framed and put in a child’s room , office, or classroom. You can adopt one for yourself, your club, classroom , office , or  company and its a green gift that helps wildlife.  They make great holiday or birthday presents and the person receiving them   gets a newsletter and a card telling them of your gift. You do not have to do anything, and its tax deductible! A real timesaver and way to  help wildlife and reduce the stress of shopping. These beautiful certificates have been designed by professionals at Graphics Ink  Design Studio (904) 824-5418 . They  donate time to help us and also do our posters , tickets, and T-Shirts.

Q: Do you ever bring the mammals who’ve been adopted to your education programs?

A: Mammals are not taken to education programs ,  but help with fostering orphaned wildlife of the same species:  Felicity the fox cost  only $40. She  was someones illegal pet and kept in a house with dogs and people. She was removed by officers, and  given  to HAWKE. She helps foster baby foxes.