Membership & Donations


Become a member of HAWKE and for $50 and up automatically includes a family membership. For and Individual / or family membership and donations up to $49, you receive a color photo of one of our patients. For membership and up you receive a Color 5×7 photo and $100 and up donation includes an 8×10 color photo if you not want a photo please let is know. Donations of $500 and up include an adopt a critter if you want one let us know.

Give a HAWKE membership as a gift , and we will send them a card informing them of your donation and they will receive full membership privileges. Those individuals who sponsor ads, adopt critters, or donate services for our fund-raisers are also invited to open house.

Adopt a critter does not include membership unless your adoption, and or in memory of, and or gift memberships for others or yourself, individually or when combined is $175.00 or more or more example : Josie eagle adoption $75 + 2 family memberships $35 each = $70 and + one in memory of $30 = a total of $175. This will include a family membership for the individual paying for the $175 on up donations.

To become a member, click below. You can print out a blank membership or adopt a critter form and then fill it in and send a check or money order to HAWKE, Inc P.O. BOX 188 Elkton FL. 32033 or use your credit card and type in the information and your order is immediately sent to HAWKE. For larger donations, if you need a tax receipt let us know along with your donation and we will be glad to send you one.

In memory of a beloved pet or animal $30 does not include membership but the family will receive a card and the person’s or pet’s name will be in our newsletter. In memory of donations of $150 will include a photo (waist or neck up) of the loved one ( person or pet) on our In Memory Of section only if you include a good photo of the person or pet along with your donation or by email to

HAWKE does not sell or give out its members list or email, we do not solicit by phone, or constantly send out appeals for funding.

Click here to become a member.